Adding the Global Folder to your Drive

1. Click the "Open this folder in Drive" link on the Index Page

2. Click the arrow head located beside the folder “AJHS Official Global Folder”

3. Click “Add to Drive”

4. The “AJHS Official Global Folder” is now located in your Drive

To organise a file, folder, image, video, etc, you have two options.


  • Adding: Takes a duplication of the file or folder and allows you to move it into many different areas of your drive. This is recommended.


  • Moving: moves the file completely from one area to the next. 

To Add a file.

  1. Click once on the file so that it is highlighted.

  2. Then, select “Shift and Z” on your keyboard. From here you will see a popup box which will have “Add Here” at the bottom.

3. using the side arrow to the right of "My Drive", find the folder you wish to add your selected file or folder to, then select “Add Here.”


To move a file

  1. To MOVE a file or folder. Right click on it and select “Move To

  2. use the arrow head to locate the folder you wish to add the file or folder too.