A pictogram is a picture or symbol used to convey a message.  Common examples of pictograms can be found in traffic signs or computer icons.  

No matter what language you speak or which country you come from, a pictogram’s message should be easily understood.  At the Winter Olympics in Sochi, pictograms were used to direct people to the different events.  Colorful pictograms represented everything from Curling to Short Track, each one a simple graphic design.  You didn't have to speak Russian to know what each one stands for.

As you already know, Google Drawings is one graphic application that can be used to create pictograms.  Drawings has user-friendly tool set of shapes and lines that can be customized by colors and layering.  They can be downloaded in several formats including png and jpg, or they can be embedded into a Google Document using the Web Clipboard.

Your task is to to create x 4 pictograms using Google Drawings.  

Your creations should consist of simple lines and several colors.

Your images should not contain any words so that they can be perceived in any language.  

You could design pictograms to depict sporting or school events, or perhaps something that could be used on a posted sign.  

Start with some warm-up exercises like designing a person or a bicycle.  What is the fewest number of lines necessary?  

Use the skills you learnt in your training, such as reshaping, rotation, transparency, and layering.