Device Damage



Device Damage

Pick up the Phone

If you have bought through any of the partner schools, then you have insurance. Simply call 0800 448 595 and make a claim! You will need to pay an excess of $50, from which you will receive a claim number for the damaged device.


Pick up a Loan Device

Contact Albany Junior High School

  • Maxine Johnson {maxine.johnson@ajhs.school.nz}

Contact Greenhithe Primary

  • Daniel Oades {danielo@greenhithe.school.nz}

Provide them with the claim number and they will provide your son/daughter with a loan unit. This way, your child won't miss out their learning while the device is being repaired.


Deliver the Package

You have two options.

1. Drop the device off at Playtech.

2. Drop the Device off at School.

From here, we’ll handle everything and let you know when the device is repaired and ready to be collected!



More Details


More Details

Major Damage

Screen Cracks, Physical Damage, Faulty Keyboard.

  1. The Policy owner (name/details on the invoice of the device purchased) needs to call the insurance provider 'The Warranty Group,' on 0800 448 595.

  2. Owner then provides the Insurance company the Policy Number of the device (Which is the purchase invoice number) and then organises the excess fee of $50 as per policy.

  3. Policy owner will then receive the claim case number and pre approval e-mail from The Warranty Group.

  4. Please then make contact with your school's IT lead (see below) with the insurance claim case number provided.

    1. AJHS: Maxine Johnson maxine.johnson@ajhs.school.nz

    2. Greenhithe: Daniel Oades danielo@greenhithe.school.nz

  5. The faulty unit is then sent (via school, or be dropped in by owner), to Playtech

  6. The device is fixed and returned back to owner.

Minor Damage

Software Issues, Login problems.

Please email your school's IT lead...

  1. AJHS: ICT Support support@ajhs.school.nz

  2. Greenhithe: Daniel Oades danielo@greenhithe.school.nz

the following

  1. Name (first and surname)

  2. A brief description of the device fault or issue

System Recovery

System recovery is managed by Playtech on devices purchased through them.

Please email paul@playtech.co.nz the following information:

  1. The serial number of the device.

  2. The name of the student that owns the device.

  3. A suitable time for the device to be handed in for reinstallation.

Loan Chromebooks

Loan Chromebooks are only available to students who have purchased their device through the school. Loan Chromebooks will be issued to each student as they hand in their personal device for repairs.